Sunday, April 12, 2015


Happy Sunday. I hope you slept well and are taking time for you. Welcome to the second Classy + Fabulous link up party. The first link up went well with lovely bloggers linking up with posts from the week.

Instagram accounts I love to love :-

one. Sarah Shanahan Lifestyle

two. Emma Kate Co

three. Kylie Floss

four. Honey and Fizz

five. This is Glamorous

Loads of prettiness to be had with creative spreads and style to boot.

Why not find a space you love and enter the world of the blog escapism with the he Classy + Fabulous Sunday link up. 

Feel free to link up your favourite blog post of the week. Lets build a classy + fabulous Sunday community by sharing the link up and commenting on at least two blogs you love.  

Stay classy + fabulous. x

Do not forget to have a little sparkle time for yourself and snap a photo with the hashtag #alittlesparkletime.

MONDAY - Time to read something you enjoy reading. A magazine. A blog or a few. A book. A newspaper.

TUESDAY - There is nothing like a hot drink to start your day or for a quiet finish to the day. I love my coffee and my first cup in the morning this is the most important for me. 

WEDNESDAY - Beauty - Take the time to moisturise add a little lipstick/gloss/balm. A touch of mascara to open up your eyes and that beautiful smile we all have. There is nothing more beautiful than a smile.

THURSDAY - Wear a colour you love today. Pop on a vibrant scarf or necklace that you love and you will boost your confidence ten fold.

FRIDAY - something sparkling. A glass of champagne or sparkling water. Pops of fizz will have you bursting with happy thoughts.

SATURDAY - Find an affirmation that you love and believe in it. Say it out loud. Share it. Print it out/screen shot it and save it, so it is there as you first look at your phone/iPad/ desktop.

SUNDAY - Take yourself and or your loved ones out for a long Sunday brunch and snap a photo to share.

This is all about making time for you and savouring the moment you have of peaceful bliss just for you. A little sparkle time can be anything you love to do that makes you feel happy and content. Just savour the moment and snap a pic with the hashtag #alittlesparkletime.

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