Thursday, April 9, 2015

7 ways to be more OPTIMISTIC

Optimism is a state of mind we should all take on board. As a blogger and a business owner I am so optimistic that I can do it and achieve all that I would like to. It is hard. Mighty hard to achieve all that we would like to. Especially us entrepreneurs who dream of achieving our dreams doing what we love. 

Optimism is to have a hopeful outlook on life with your mind, body and soul focused positively to achieve a successful outcome. 

It can be hard to have the confidence of what lies ahead as you never know what can come your way everyday. As I say to my daughters whenever they feel deflated, think positive! It can be hard to think positive all the time but if you have that kind of outlook and pass into you never know how you can influence someone's day. 

It is important to - 

Surround your self with positive people. If you have family and friends that do not understand or support all that you do and want to achieve try and find assistive force within yourself and eradicate the negativity. If you have a positive outlook so many things will change including yourself and you will soon realise more goodness yourself. 

Try to overthinking everything. Hands up if this you. I have both hands raithis is me in a nutshell. I overthink everything I am doing or would like to achieve. In reality you can only focus on one thing at a time and to achieve one goal and find the solution to make it work. Al' problems can be rectified if you take the time to fix them. 

Be proactive and start thinking about turning the negativity into a positive. If you do not like something find a way to change it, if it cannot be changed then it can be best to change your attitude. 

Use positive affirmations daily. Post them around your workspace and keep focused. If you read and believe positive affirmations they can help you focus and achieve. Your thoughts can soon reflect what you read. 

Portray confidence and the brain will follow. If you stand up straight and walk with confidence you will come across confident and look like a success already. Your mood will lift and you will be happy. 

Speak in a positive tone, even when you are not in the mood as it will change with happy thoughts and you will be happier and positive. 

Any tips you would like to add that you use to keep optimistic?

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