Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Winter is upon us and feet need care and loving just as much after summer has been and gone. Our feet deserve to be pampered and cared for, after all they carry us everywhere. Sometimes feet can take a back seat in our beauty regime as our feet are covered during the cooler seasons. But all year around is a must. It can be hard organising a time to get a pedicure in the cooler weather, or if you can be bothered traipsing in the bitter cold when you can DIY at home.

I am a home body in the cooler weather, who wants to brave the cold when there is no need. I like to have a home pedicure as I have total control with my Scholl products. I was gifted the Velvet Smooth Express Pedi ( a hard skin remover) along with the Eulactol Heel Balm by Scholl and boy did they make my pedicure DIY so much easier. 

I have to say my feet are thankful for these at home products from Scholl, so easy and convenient for the in between visits to the salon. My feet were in need of a little TLC so I decided on a little home pampering for softer feet.

1. Exfoliate with the Velvet Smooth Express Pedi (an electric foot file) over all the rough areas paying particular care to the heels, soles and side of the big toe. This express pedi removed the hardness to reveal smoother skin.

2. Soak feet in a foot bath with a mix of your favourite fragrant oil and warm water for a few minutes. Or if you are in a hurry just wipe over with a cloth rinsed in warm water.

3. Moisturise with the Eulactol Heel Balm and instantly your heels are ready for the day ahead. At night after your bath or shower place the heel balm over your feet and wear socks to wake to smooth moisturised feet.

So easy to use and works a treat to pamper your feet.

How do you like to pamper your feet at home?

These items were gifted to me in accordance with my Disclosure Policy.

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