Monday, March 16, 2015

parenting 101 FOUNDATION

As a parent it can be hard to know when to allow your girls/boys to wear makeup. It is always a good idea to allow them to experiment with the basics like foundation and mascara so they can perfect their techniques and be comfortable with what they are wearing. The most important tip is to choose a foundation that is suited to their skin type. The foundation must blend beautifully in with the natural skin tone so there is no visible line on the chin or down on the neck.

I feel that if your teens are asking then they are naturally inquisitive and feel they need to experiment.  If you feel your teen is not ready for the full makeup look them suggest a BB cream ( I love Garnier ) as this will allow them to get used to wearing something that is more natural looking with a sheer coverage. 

Take them along to a beauty kiosk at you local department store, or to Napoleon or MAC where a professional can apply the foundations naturally and choose the colour right for your teen.

Make up is not for disguising there looks it is for enhancing it is to enhance the beauty from within.

There are so many make up products out there and all the needs of your teen need to be considered - 

1. Make sure your skin is clean and ready for application.

2. Choose a colour closest to your skin tone, the one that seems to disappear into your skin is the one for you

3. Blend the foundation all over your skin 

4. If you have oily skin (like my youngest daughter) choose a matt foundation

It can be hard choosing the right colour for your skin and skin type, it is important to ask a professional so they can apply the tight one for you.

Never leave or purchase a colour unless you are completely happy and it sits well on your skin.

My daughters did not really start wearing foundation until they were in year 9 of high school. So from age 14 - 15.

for those with acne- I love this Acne Tutorial at Teen Vogue 


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