Monday, March 30, 2015


Why is it so hard for people to be accepting of what may seem different. There are differences everywhere in our daily lives. We all have our own minds, thoughts and ideals and we all have our own that we like to do things. We all have have our own morals and ideals on how to approach situations that come our way - it always pays to be kind - no matter how you are feeling - deep down you never know what another person is feeling or what they are going through.

'Be the change that you would like to see in the world.' Mahatma Ghandi. 

Throughout my time blogging and in real life I see people being judged all the time in a negative way. Over a period of time I have been disheartened on how unkind people can be without realising or even caring with how they have the power to make others feel inferior. There are 5 words that Ellen says at the end of every show - ' Be Kind To One Another ' these words have stuck and influence my everyday. 

We all have moments where anger and frustration can take over and come to the forefront of our lives. This is perfectly normal and we should feel free to let our opinions and thoughts be felt without criticising or placing blame unnecessarily without knowing them at all. It can be hard to keep our emotions in check and of we feel or know that we have said or done wrong by someone else - apologise. There is always room for an apology when you feel you have done wrong. I have always said to my daughters that if you feel as though you have upset or knowingly made someone feel bad then apologise and to never go to bed angry or upset with anyone. Life is short - yes I know - a cliche. But life passes by so quickly as we move through our days and you never know what is around the corner. Be happy and go to bed on a happy note with those you care about.

Everyone has and is entitled to their own opinion. You can voice your opinion in a rationale way without judging or scrutinising them for who they are. To personally attack someone who you believe is not the way you believe they should be or act the way you think they should is down right mean and nasty and unequivocally wrong. 

Last week I was being served by this staff member while ordering a meal and I watched and listened to her and how she approached and spoke to the customers and I complimented her stating that she has great customer service skills. I made her smile which in turn made me happy.

Be the difference that you would like to see in the world. Smile at a passer by. If you see that someone is doing a great job let them know just that. A little comment and act of kindness and a little support can take someones day a little brighter. 

So together lets make a difference to be kinder always.

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