Friday, February 27, 2015

notes from the week

A busy week with my Mother in hospital and visiting her everyday, liaising with doctors, nurses, physio therapists and so on. Trying to get my mother's recovery in order from a fracture in her lower spine and looking at moving her into assisted living.Yesterday I was feeling a little down as I just want the best for Mum and hospitals are not the cheeriest of places, are they? You can read a little more about my Mother here if you are interested.

Moving on I have show cased my style everyday this week to join in with Vanessa's (Style and Shenanigans) colour style challenge. It has been fun trying to co-ordinate my daily style with the daily prompts. You can take a look at my style at my instagram account.

I noticed on Sunrise that an American finance expert stating that parents should re-think the way they teach kids in regards to pocket money. Saying that parents should not link pocket money to chores as this is just teaching kids to stop doing them when they have enugh money. Do you agree?
1. Rules instigated were that you should start young.
2. To give one dollar per week of their age
3. Do not link allowance to chores

What do you think?

Do one thing everyday that makes you HAPPY. V x

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