Thursday, February 19, 2015

DECOR - fresh linen and hospital corners

Tuesday was wash day for all our bedding. There is a happy feeling when you crawl into bed with clean, fresh and sun kissed linen. After making my bed, it had me thinking that everyone has different styles and routines to keeping there linen clean, and on high turnover, especially the summer months when the nights are balmy and warm. Everyone has their own knack on how they like to make and dress their beds. Here is where I share mine.

The queen of linen and bed making is Beth over at BabyMac share her style and tenacity to have her linen refreshed - just sets a spark off in my life and enthuses me to add a little more colour and vibrancy to my life. I love her combinations with the mix and match of bright and cheery linen. 

I like to keep it simple. After working in Adairs for two years awhile back I learnt how to style and make beds with all types of gorgeous linen and pillows. I had fun. and those techniques came home with me. I used to iron my linen, as we did in store but that soon became non existent. I like simplicity and lots of softness and comfort. 

My mother, whom spent a number of years in and out of hospitals after a car accident was taught how they make the beds so neat and perfect. MUm instilled this technique in us - though I believe it only stuck with me and I have now passed on to my daughters - hospital corners - as Mum called them. Hospital corners are technically - how they fold the corners on hospital beds. They look so neat and crisp. 5 steps to making a hospital corner.

1. Tuck your sheet at the base of the bed under the mattress making sure the sheet lies smoothly. 

2. Pull the long edge onto the mattress so that the sheet sits smoothly. The neater and smoother the more wrinkle free the corner will be.

3. Tuck in the part of the sheet which is hanging below the mattress. 

4. Bring the sheet corner down and tuck under the mattress

I always have a fitted sheet on the base a flat sheet then a duvet fitted snug into it's cover. I love to have European Cushions at the head of the bed - these are big square pillows 65 x 65cm that are an added feature for decorating your bed. I love having these extra pillows to lay against when reading. So comfortable with added softness. 

Both my daughters and I have 2 sets of pillows to sleep on. I like the height and the extra softness and support for my neck.

My daughter have just transitioned into double beds and they are loving the extra room and space. 

Vanessa over at Style and Shenanigans shared a few tips and tricks on how she likes to style her bed?

I am on the lookout for new linen, where is your favourite place to shop?

Do you do hospital corners?

Do you have lots of pillows on your bed?

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