Monday, January 26, 2015

learning to schedule and plan my day

At this very moment I am feeling anxious, why? you may ask. I need to get my act together and schedule my day better. I am finding it really hard to use my time during the day to it's full potential. Today is Australia Day and I am sitting here in my pyjamas procrastinating, as usual. I am writing this to hold myself accountable to hopefully kick my bootie into gear and start making my days more productive. 

You can download this gorgeous calendar from Kerrie Hess illustration here

A few weeks ago I wrote a little post on scheduling here. Hoping it will kick me into gear. It has a little but not to the full capacity I would like it too. School goes back this week so maybe regular routine will help me to get over my procrastinating self and plan ahead to schedule my day better.

The lovely Carly over at Smaggle has introduced me to the 52 and 17 working day which I have started introducing into my day and it is working, although I do get a little side tracked when something pops up or needs my attention, but otherwise it is working well. 

I came across another post from Carly '10 essential productivity posts to read this weekend' where I had an epiphany on so many levels but the one that most called out to me was 'how to be more productive' which I ma going to set into plan this week. See I am a fly by the moment type person and I do the things that need to be done when the time arises. My routine is planned but not to the tight scheduling it needs to be. 

So here is my plan - to schedule my day by time management and holding myself accountable for all that I achieve and tick off my to do list. 

1. Plan Plan Plan - to use my diary everyday. Schedule my time accordingly.

2. Learn to write lists - I cam write a shopping list so I need to write a list for my day. Categorise the list into sections for the activities needed to be accomplished for that particular day.
Example for this week -

Computer / iPhone / iPad
blog post
schedule facebook posts
promote milk and ivy

clean floor
fold and iron clothes
make beds

Take school skirt uniform to get altered
post office

Lets see how I go. I am off to have breakfast and write my lists and read my book ready for a fresh start tomorrow.

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