Thursday, January 8, 2015

2015 RESOLUTION scheduling my day

Do you plan? Do you take notes to plan your day? As a blogger I need to plan more often as most of the time I just blog as thoughts come to mind. I can blog the night before - or plan and have blog posts lined up, scheduled ready to go. At the end of last year I started taking stock of my to do's and scheduled my time accordingly. This year throughout 2015 I plan to schedule my time by placing pen to paper.

As a blogger and a business owner (Milk and Ivy), I can find it hard to make time for all that needs to be - or should be done. The lovely Sonia over at Life Love and Hiccups shared tips on scheduling here. I downloaded and printed off this weekday schedule and it worked for me - sort of. I plan to put the 'scheduling my day' to good use, starting next week. 

I was also given a diary last night that has a day to a page and a scheduling section at the top for timing my day. Perfect for blogging ideas and scheduling ideas and posts with facebook etc. I purchased the lilac planner from Kikki. K (on sale for $39.95) as well as a few other pieces to glamourise my desk top and diary. 

I plan to use the weekday schedule and leave on my desk to tick off as i go. The Kikki.K daily notes pad to take notes of ideas and anything that catches my eye for that day.

Little tips that I have learnt to make scheduling easier and sticking to it -

- Choose a medium that is right for you keeping your to do list easily accessible. I also have an app on my iPhone (thanks to Tessa from Down That Little Lane) iCalendar. I just love that I can program my day on my iPhone as well. No excuse not to plan.

- Leave the list visible all day, if you have the list in front of your eyes all day this will reinforce the steps required to achieve all that need to be.

- Start your day with your to do list. Develop the habit of sitting and writing your to do list at the beginning of everyday. I plan to schedule this in with my morning coffee and blog reading time, which is when I first get up in the morning.

Be sure to only list tasks for that day only. Plan for the day only, otherwise you will be overwhelmed and not achieve all that needs to be done for that particular day. 

- Place the important tasks on top - this will make it easier as the day rolls on and that you have ticked off the important tasks leaving the rest of the day to achieve the less important.

- Have an ideas section to include notes and those brainstorming ideas. I quite often have ideas and brainstorm throughout the day and it is important to write them down separately from the existing to do list.

- Be realistic and list a achievable list of tasks Do not try to add everything that comes to mind on your to do list. Have your notepad near by to add other ideas and to dos for another day.

- Take breaks is important for productivity. schedule breaks between task, never while in between, like I do, I procrastinate and walk away. A habit I need to break. Finish what you start.

- Add any missed tasks to tomorrow's list. Remember life can throw in a mixture of tasks at us even though they are not scheduled, but need to be fulfilled, so do them and add the tasks not achieved to the next days to do list.

Do you plan your day with a to-do list or do you just roll with what comes your way?

Do you use a diary or an app or both?

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