Wednesday, December 31, 2014

sneaky little tips to make the NEW YEAR GLAMOUR LAST

Bringing in the New Year is the time to dress up - time to wear your sparkles and shine. I am sure there has been a sparkly number that you have come across and thought to yourself when and where will I wear it? Well now is the perfect time. New Years Eve is all about dressing up and looking glamorous. Time to have fun in the wardrobe and beauty department - time to shimmer and shine.

Keep it simple and elegant. Choose a look that you are comfortable in, so that you are not adjusting yourself constantly. You will come across looking and feeling uncomfortable. Comfort is key.

Time to bring out your sparkly accessories, but do not over do it. Simple and chic is key with a simple sparkly clutch where you can have your necessities, phone, keys, lipstick and powder. I had a little splurge in the makeup department for Christmas and I am totally loving my CHANEL lip liner* (using as full coverage on my lips) and CHANEL healthy sheer glow powder*. I highly recommend some Chanel glamour to your makeup bag.

Layer your fragrance by moisturising well. They also say that if you place a little vaseline or paw paw ointment on the areas you apply perfume the fragrance will last longer. I have a new scent Daisy Dream from Marc Jacobs. Do you have a new fragrance that you just love?

Prime your face before applying makeup as this will help everything stay in place through out the evening.

To keep your lip colour from rubbing off blot in between applications for the colour to stay put for longer.

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