Tuesday, December 23, 2014

An ache that never goes away

Last week Kelly over at A Life Less Frantic was talking about brothers and sisters and shared a post that was shared on Mama Mia - to take care on the roads - back in 2012 on how she lost her brother in a car accident. Which ran true to me as I too have lost someone very near and dear to me and my family, whilst holidaying in Canada.  

Here I share An Ache That Never Goes Away -

Next year it will be 10 years. Ten years since our lives changed forever, especially my brothers. My brother and his lovely wife Judy of over 5 years where embarking of a trip of a lifetime together before settling down to have a family. Ten years ago I was 37. My youngest daughter had just turned 7 and my eldest had turned 10 a few days before this happened.

It was the 7th of December, just after 7pm. we e had just finished dinner and were sitting down to watch Home and Away when the phone rang. I answered and it was my sister in Melbourne. At this very moment writing this tears are welling up in my eyes and my stomach is tensing at the thought of what was said on the other end of the phone. It is still very fresh and raw like it is happening all over again. 

The call seems a big blur all I remember is my sister saying that Paul and Judy were in a car accident and Judy died on impact. I am over taken by sadness thinking about all of this and the days and weeks that followed as my brother came home. I remember hanging the phone up and telling my daughters and partner of what just happened. I was in shock. Waiting in anticipation what and how we were going to help my brother. I do not remember if I slept that night and I made a bed for my daughters in our room so we could be altogether.

Our lovely Aunty whom was living in England made the trip to Canada to be with our brother. When she arrived everything was set in motion with the trip home and the fact that Paul did not want to travel without his beloved Judy. The Canadian police never left my brother alone and keep a vigil by his bedside until family arrived.

My daughters and I flew to Melbourne to be there for when my brother arrived back in Melbourne. I cannot imagine the pain and trauma my brother went through then and even now to this day. This is something that will never leave us. We will remember Judy always and speak of her often.

Judy was a ray of sunshine that warmed to you straight away. You always felt loved and comforted when she was around. Judy really cared and loved so much and so deeply. Our lives are all that much richer for having Judy in our lives. A bright ambience that shines bright within us all.

Just 2 nights ago in our local area near where my youngest daughter works there was a terrible accident where a young man ran a red light and killed a 57 year old lady on impact. Be cautious and take care on the roads and Stay Safe this holiday season. 

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