Tuesday, December 30, 2014

5 little tips to look fabulous everyday

This time of year everyone is holidaying or taking time out to relax and unwind as the holiday season is upon us. Over the next 2 weeks I will be sharing a few of my most popular posts while I take a break myself. 

Today I am sharing my 5 tips in little ways to look fabulous everyday. 

If you look good you feel good. Take the time to put in a little extra effort into always looking your best. For me those days of waking up looking just gorgeous are gone. Both my daughters jump out of bed and look just beautiful. Getting enough sleep and hydrating everyday are two of the most important points for me to consider.

Being in my mid 40's I ma more comfortable in my own skin than I have ever been. I guess age is the factor here and you become more accepting of who and what you are. There are days where I just feel blah and it takes several outfits before I feel happy with what I am wearing. but nevertheless ;life goes on and if we waste time dwelling on what we need to fix or unhappy with, then that time is wasted on thinking and wishing for something that is not there or likely to happen.

It may take several takes for me to truly happy with what I am wearing but I have a closet to pick and choose to style the way I would like, and if that takes several changes, then so be it. Life happens and we have a different mood everyday to how we feel and what we like to wear.

1. Choose your undergarments wisely and spend that little extra to look and feel great. I have recently found bras that I love and have on high rotation to wear with the appropriate style of your day. Having underwear that you feel comfortable in and supports you in every way then you are set to looking your best.

2. Try not to cut corners when purchasing shoes. I love flats and wedges, not a huge fan of heels,  as I am all for comfort now. Though I will dig out the heels when needed. Whether your look is CHANEL or hand me downs - quality shoes can lift your look and enhance your style.

3. A perfect tote for day or a clutch for evening ( i have taken my clutch during the day) will add a touch of sophistication to your look. What you carry can take your look from dowdy to classy. 

4. Show off your curves and cinch in your waist with a belt. An automatic touch of chic can pull and ordinary style to stunning.

5. Most of us have neutral colours in our closets and a lot of us tend to wear them daily. Adding a pop of colour can be a good way to take the ordinary to something spectacular. Add accessories, a jacket, a clutch, a scarf to your daily style and you watch the compliments flow.

Take the time for you in the morning and look and feel fabulous.

Happy Holidays! V x

image Kate Moss | Vogue Magazine

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