Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Style is a reflection of who we are.

Last week I posted on a topic about making the most of what we have and one of my lovely readers 'Lisa' asking on how we can refine our signature style from what we already own.  

Have you ever put much thought into what your personal style is?

Do you have a particular style that you always tend to shop for?

Or a look that you turn to when you are stuck on what to wear?

Personal style is the way you feel confident and happy ready to take on the world. If you are confident you will stand taller, walk prouder and reflect happiness. Have faith in yourself and you will look and feel great. At times we all go through stages where we cannot choose what we are wanting to wear and when this happens to me I just keep trying pieces together until I am happy and feel my best. Your unique style is showing people who you are without saying a word.

This Rachel Zoe quote resonates with me often- 'Style is a way to say who you are without saying a word.'

A few tips on how to find your signature style - 

Style is our own unique way to do something different. Fashion and inspiration is all around us. It can come from our own cultural experiences and our social interactions. Watching movies, people watching, reading magazines or books. There is style and inspiration everywhere. Copy someones style and make it your own by adding or omitting what you do or do not like. Keep and eye out for what appeals to you and take notes.

Collate your style inspiration in your mind, cut looks you love from magazines and create a collage or inspiration board. A visual piece you can look at regularly.

You can also create your won inspiration by add styles you love to your pinterest page or take notice of looks you love on instagram and shop your own closet to pull the looks together.

Group your images by style. What appeals to you the most in each image. Is it the top? or the pants? or the dress with those shoes? Ask yourself the question and take note. Is the clashing of prints or the stripes or the print that you love?

Experiment and do not be afraid to try something different or new to your style repertoire. Follow the #everydaystyle on instagram created by Nikki at Styling You, where ladies just like you share their style from all walks of life. If you do not have instagram you can also take a look on facebook with the same hashtag.

Just find what you love and create the look from your closet first before you go and purchase something new. You never know what can be hiding away that you never realised could be styled that way.

I love seeing what everyday people wear and how they style and combine their looks. There is inspiration everywhere you just need to find what you love.

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