Monday, November 3, 2014


After years of being told that I was not good enough by so many people in my life I need to realise that I am good enough and that I am not a bad person. I love and adore my family, I am kind, I try my best at all I do, I may be a little slow at achieving all I would like to but hey that is me. I know that it will all fall into place one day soon and I trust that all my dreams will come true.

Over the last few months  I have been awakened to the fact that I was hibernating for a number of years. Anxious to go and do anything but little things like the daily must haves. I was always a huge shopper you could say I was addicted but that changed and now I tend to only go when I want or see something I like with the occasional browse. Online is the best, but I am still cautious with sizing and style types. 

I have even not contacted or spent too much time with a really good over the last year or so, by not keeping in contact and calling her as often as I used to. Just recently this year I have started the contact again and we are as close as ever, but I feel guilty, I know I shouldn't, but I do. This friend and I have helped each other through all our rough patches and supported each other by listening and offering suggestions on what to do. We have been good friends for nearly 25 years, we worked together when I first moved to Sydney and our children were born in the sam hospital. Our first 9 months apart and the second 10 days apart. 

Talking to this friend has raised a light bulb moment that I have not been living my life as I should. Do not get me wrong I love my life and have achieved lots of things but I will be achieving more as I take those steps to live the life I would like to. I have said no to so many opportunities that have come my way, or I have placed them in the too hard basket. 

I am changing and I am going to say YES more often when I am invited to anything. Already this year I have been to a few blogging events and although feeling a little uncomfortable there is always someone who will take the time to have a chat with me. There also those who will not, but that is ok maybe they are shy also. I am slowly changing my inner anxiety to overcome the obstacles that stand in my way - my mind. 

My new mantra - 'worrying does not take away tomorrow's troubles it takes away today's peace' - Anonymous.

Have you had any revelations about yourself that you have awakened to recently?

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