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mum revelations SALLY OBERMEDER

I am super excited to have the gorgeous and inspirational Sally Obermeder feature today to share her very own revelations on being a mother. Sally has inspired me for so long over the years as I have watched her as a reporter for channel seven and the breast cancer challenges she faced while being a new mother. I have been a quiet supporter for along time hoping and praying that her life will get better and boy has it ever. Sally has bounced back and to me is a shining light of radiance and beauty. 

To me Sally is the epitome of glamour, style and beauty. Sally just radiates every where and you cannot help but smile and be filled with happiness when she is on our screens or her blog SWIISH. When I approached this beautiful soul by email to ask if she would like to contribute. Sally did not reply with a no or anything like that, Sally is one very busy lady with her TV commitments, social engagements, blogging and most of all motherhood, Sally made time for me. I am forever thankful that Sally took the time to contribute to my humble little blog. Sally you are one awesome lady and I am ever so grateful for this. Thank you so very much. 

Sally Obermeder, for those who do not know, is a mother to a gorgeous 3 year old, Annabelle. A fabulous co-host for The Daily Edition on Channel 7. Founder of her awesome blog SWIISH and author of Never Stop Believing and Super Green Smoothies.

1. Where do you reside? 
Bondi. NSW

2. What is special about where you live? 
I love living near the ocean, being able to go for sips in summer and walking Bondi to Bronte - I find the outdoors inspiring for a healthy lifestyle.

3. Tell us a little about your work
I've been at Channel 7 since 2005 - I started out at Sydney Weekender and spent 3.5 years there before becoming National Lifestyle and Entertainment Reporter for Today Tonight. In 2013, I became co-host of The Daily Edition, a national news and lifestyle program.The Daily Edition is a heap of fun to film andI adore my co-hosts and the team behind the scenes.
I started SWIISH in late 2012, with my sister Maha. I am a fan of living a luxe lifestyle for less, and so SWIISH is a practical how-to-guide, with information, tips, tricks and trends across fashion, beauty, health, home and family. SWIISH is all about the quickest, easiest and most affordable ways to look chic, feel great and live a fabulous life.

4. What is your favourite childhood memory? 
Playing under a Donald Duck sprinkler with my sister in our backyard in the summer time. 

5. What are some memories you would like to create for your daughter? 
It is not specifically about the event as such, more just memories that evoke a feeling of love and happiness. For Annabelle that's the beach, the park, playing with lego at home, family dinners, holidays together - as long as we are together, that is all that matters.

6. Who inspires you and why? 
Ordinary everyday people who help others - doctors, nurses, fire - fighters, policemen and police women, scientists, to name a few ... I'm also inspired and motivates by those who have a goal and pursue their dreams with single-minded relentlessness, assuming they still remember to be king along the way.

7. Describe your perfect day? 
It starts with a cuddle from Annabelle and is followed by a coffee and the papers in the sun while she plays nearby. A midday nap and a late seafood lunch would be perfect. If I can push my luck and ask for an afternoon movie on the couch with Annabelle and Marcus ; that would be amazing. If this is really my fantasy day, then I'm having my mum's homemade macaroni with bechamel sauce for dinner.

8. Favourite holiday destination? 
New York or LA or Mexico.

9. What are some of your favourite items that you could live without that you could not live without? Beauty products/appliances....
Renu28 Revitalising Gel, ModelCo Lip Lights, M.A.C. eyeshadow in Honey Lust, Clarisonic, Lanolips lip balm.
In my kitchen my favourite items are my blender and my Super Green Smoothies recipes.

10. What are your favourite products for kids?
Stuck On You personalised water bottle - because Annabelle tends to leave everything at Kindy.
Also, Pixie's Bows because both Pixie and her bows are very cute!

11. What is one product you have bought that you did not need but just had to have?
A YSL clutch, Not necessary but I love it and I use t all the time. 

12. Your favourite children's fashion label?
NEXT, Tumble and Dry, Seed, Target .... Hahaha the list goes on...

13. What is your family's favourite meal?
A Greek-style lamb shoulder with vegetables and salad.

14. What is your go-to mummy uniform?
Skinny jeans, a v-neck knit, leather jacket and converse sneakers.

15. What is the best thing about being a mother?
Watching my child grow, develop and bloom like a flower. I also love getting to know who Annabelle is, and encouraging her to be nothing other than herself.

16. Favourite place to shop? What are you loving right now?
Zara, Witchery, Nine West, Target, Scanlan & Theodore, Ginger & Smart, Camilla & Marc. I'm loving prints, florals, short shorts and blazers.

17. To finish off would you like to add a favourite photo? Tell us why it is your favourite.

This pic is my favourite because it sums up Annabelle's cheeky personality plus it's with two of my favourite people - Annabelle, and my sister Maha, who is behind the camera.

Thank you so much Sally for taking the time from your busy schedule to feature here for Mum Revelations. xx

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