Tuesday, October 7, 2014

beauty tip | HOW TO GLOW MORE

Add these tips to your beauty regime for a healthy glowing look. 

1. Protect and Prevent - Wear sunscreen. If you pay for peels, resurfacing or laser therapy, you could be wasting your time and money, if you do not protect your skin from sun damage. Most foundations have added sun protection but using a broad spectrum sunscreen as your base daily to fight the damage. 

2. Keep Pores Clean - Event he best skin care ingredients will not work well unless they are applied to a clean face. Wash morning and night. Wash morning and night, and be sure to take off your makeup before you hit the gym

3. Squeeze in some happy time. De-stressing will help your skin stay clearer and GLOW. Your skin reflects where your head is at - living a content life does things for your skin no money can buy. 

Source: Glamour | Image: Kate Beckinsale

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