Monday, September 1, 2014

mum revelations KATE PASCOE | KATE & KATE

Today I would like to welcome Kate Pascoe director at Kate and Kate label, whom I introduced you to here a few weeks ago. Kate has two beautiful boys, Jack (2) and Benjamin, who is only a couple of days old.

 1. Where do you reside? Brighton, Melbourne

2. What is special about where you live? 
I have lived in Brighton my whole life - it’s like a small country town.

3. How long have you had your business/blog? 
Kate and Kate was launched October 2013.

4. What is your favourite childhood memory?
Staying over at my Nan & Pa’s house on weekends, watching Mary Poppins & eating freshly baked cakes.

5. What are some memories that you like to create for your children? I would like my children to grow up close to their family.

6. Who inspires you and why? 
My sister-in-law is pretty amazing. Her ability to juggle life with kids/work on very little sleep is pretty impressive. I definitely couldn’t function like she does. 

7. Describe your perfect day? 
Definitely a warm, summer day spent having a long lunch with friends and family… with endless chardonnays.

8. Favourite holiday destination? 

9. What are some of your favourite items that you could not live without? 
Beauty products/appliance… Anything from Mecca Cosmetica is always a treat.

10. What is your favourite product for kids and why? 
I know I’m biased but I would honestly have to say Kate & Kate blankets. We have so many scattered all over the house. Jack loves them and is always wrapping himself in one. It’s so handy with the new baby too – you can never have too many blankets around! And for the late night feeds, it is such a beautiful comfort to wrap yourself in something so luxurious. It’s a win for both adults & children.

11. What is one product you have bought that you did not need but just had to have?  
I’m always 100% that I need everything I buy!  Ok… maybe I didn’t need all those new clothes for the hospital stay when I was having Benny.

12. Your favourite children’s fashion label? 
So many amazing ones… Munster, Nico Nico, Bobo Choses, Nununu.

13. What is your family’s favourite meal? 
Tacos of any kind are always a hit.

14.What is your go to mummy uniform? 
Lately is has been all about sloppy Scanlan & Theodore jumpers teamed with Nike leggings & trainers (I’ve been pregnant ok!).

15. What is the best thing about being a mother? 
Experiencing those super sweet moments where they just melt your heart.

16. Favourite place to shop? What are you loving right now?
Crate Expectations for homewares & I cant go past Scanlan & Theodore for some retail therapy. For the kids – Mr Wolf in Melbourne or Kido Store in Sydney.  Very, very dangerous.

16. To finish off would you like to add a favourite photo? 
Tell us why it is your favourite. I received this from my beautiful boy for Valentines Day – it makes me very proud to be his Mum.

Thank you so much for sharing more about you Kate. I really appreciate your time and effort, especially since you have a very new newborn. Enjoy your little ones and I hope all goes well with Kate & Kate. V x

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