Friday, September 26, 2014

in style kids OOBI

The bright, bubbly and playful range of Oobi has expanded. They now do an amazing range for tweens (7-11 years). I have always been a long time lover and supporter of this fab range.

'Something happened. And a lot of my “Little Oobis” started going to school. Even some whom had worn Oobi from day DOT also started big school and listening to Justin Bieber and playing with Silly Bandz and some of them were turning 9 or 10 and even 11!
And, well… they just stopped being “little”.
 But what about my gorgeous “Oobis” who had been with me for years? What about my beautiful models and the divine children that I’ve known for a lifetime – their lifetime! I see them growing in front of my eyes every day. At first I felt sad. And then I said to myself…
Well… They aren’t little.
Let them be who they want to be.
Let them B who they want to B…
Be a ballerina, be a doctor, be a teacher, be a superstar, be amazing, be inspired, be creative. Be… who you want to be.
And that’s why we’ve called our tween label “B”.


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