Wednesday, September 24, 2014


was lucky enough to be invited to a breakfast to celebrate '225 Years of Pears' on Monday morning. This was the first time I did not back out after accepting a request to  do something special. I have turned a new page of my personal endeavours and I am going to embrace every opportunity I get along this blogging journey. I have hesitated and held back for so long and I will be saying yes more often and actually attend all I can in the future.

Early Monday Morning I travelled by bus and train to Green Square and then walked to The Grounds of Alexandria for breakfast at The Atrium. I was welcomed, had a glass of sparkling water and ordered a skim milk latte while other guests arrived. I have to say that I wanted to say hi to so many but I am super shy and took a step back to wait for the lovely Ada Nicodemou, while enjoying a lovely muesli and fruit salad. I eventually got mingling and met a few lovely young ladies. So I left full of confidence and happy that I attended and thank Ogilvy for the opportunity to attend.

Pears soap was invented ib 1789 in London. Over the past 100 years Pears has perfected the technology a bathing soap that preserves the youthfulness of skin using pure glycerine, oils and natural ingredients. 

Ada Nicodemou at Alexandria.

Image  via The Telegraph

Ada Nicodemou is just beautiful and was very well spoken and fun to be around with her bubbly personality. Ada stated that "One piece of advice that her mum always gave me was to moisturise my body, including my hands, and it is true you know, it is simple but it is true Pears is honestly so gentle on the skin, it contains high quality ingredients and natural oils so it does not strip away your skin." 

"Women have realised that embracing their natural beauty - including grey hair, natural skin and fine lines - shows them at their most beautiful and depicts a life well lived."

"Inner purity and confidence are agreed by women to be the vital ingredients that make up what we see as timeless beauty. I truly believe that you can feel confident and vibrant no matter what your age, by embracing your natural beauty."

The breakfast was all about timeless beauty and we had to share one word of what timeless beauty means to you and my word is 'confidence.' 

In one word how would you describe timeless beauty? #225yearsofpears

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