Thursday, August 21, 2014

how to have MORE STYLE AT HOME


I have vowed to not wear tracksuits unless I am not well or exercising (even then I will probably wear leggings). I have kept to my promise over the last few years and I rarely have days where I feel frumpy. It can be hard to break away from the tracksuit. The cold weather calls for comfort and warmth. Wearing a tracksuit can leave you feeling miserable, as I occasionally felt. Putting in the effort and choosing clothes you love will put a smile on your face and then you will feel happy.

The idea is to be happy, look and feel great as well as comfortable.

- Buy basics in a few different colours and variations. Do not forget singlets or camis for extra warmth and layers.

- Leggings are so now and look great on everybody as long as the tops are worn long enough to cover bits you do not want to show.

- Tops with v-necks, round necks in a variety of colours to alternate your look. Try the basic block colours in neutral hues as well as few happy and bright colours. Do not forget the flattering horizontal stripe.

- Knits of all kinds, long line cardigans and chunky jumpers, in a few different colours and with embellishments as well. Anything that makes you feel happy and looking your best. Try and stick with natural fibres as they last longer and look and feel great.

- Jeans that are flattering for your figure and hat you feel comfortable in. Go for a dark denim, classic black and a colour.

- A button up shirt which is ideal for layering and you can wear it unbuttoned as well. Go for a neutral shade in white, cream as well as a chambray and a navy. Oh and do not forget a print as well.

- Wear your going out clothes at home. Wear the dress or top and skirt with tights and add a few bits of jewellery. spray on you favourite fragrance, put on some gloss and a little mascara. Anything to make you feel your best.

- Add a scarf and woo hoo! sexy you is ready to take on the day happier and ready no matter what tasks come your way.

This is what I do and I rarely feel frumpy or unhappy because of what I am wearing. Just because you are staying in this does not mean you cannot be stylish and look your best......does it?

polka dots and denim | sincerely jules
What are your thoughts? 

Are you a tracksuit lover? 

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