Monday, August 25, 2014

confession time | why I am missing PROBLOGGER

I actually purchased a ticket for this most exciting event. I was excited and really looking forward to the event. I have to say that I am kicking myself that I sold my ticket, but you know what I had to. This is my favourite time of year. I celebrate both my daughters birthdays within in 10 days of each other. The main reason though, besides a little anxiety, why I pulled out is that my step daughter had heart surgery a week ago and I needed to be here if she needed me, but all be it she is going fantastic.

My step daughter, has a heart condition which we new nothing about until 6 weeks after the birth of her little man Master H. It was Christmas night back in 2008 we were on our way back from family celebrations to receive a phone call from her husband saying that Miss K had collapsed and passed out. Lucky we were just around the corner, as they lived close. We all rushed to see Miss K all slumped on the floor with Mr H doing CPR. I quickly turned around to usher my daughters out, who were 13 and 10 at the time, as I did not want them to see their sister in that condition.

The ambulance were on their way to which seemed like a life time. They finally arrived and continued CPR on Miss K all the way to the hospital and they asked all the normal questions about drugs, alcohol, epilepsy and so forth. Miss K was sent home the next day only to relapse again on Boxing Day. CPR was administered again and Miss K was placed in an induced coma while they worked out what was going on. 

It all turned out it was Kim's heart and that she had Long QT syndrome. Long Qt is a cause of sudden death in children and young adults. The cause is an electrical fault of the heart, which causes the heart to beat too fast. You can read more about Long QT here.

Miss K was in hospital for two weeks after having an ICD (implantable cardioverter-defibrillator) fitted.  A small battery-powered electrical impulse generator that is implanted in patients who are at risk of sudden cardiac death. 

After Miss K was home and recovery we as a family had to have genetic testing to see where the condition was coming from. It was discovered that it was from Miss K's mothers side. Miss K's brother has the same genetic gene and is doing well. Her younger sister does not have the gene. Master H was then tested and found that he also had this heart condition. A year later Master H had is own ICD fitted and has not looked back. 

Miss K has had a few episodes with treatment and medication to even passing out in her sleep, thank goodness for the ICD to bring her back. We are so lucky and blessed the Miss K is still with us and survived having no damage to the brain after having no oxygen to the brain for long periods of time.

Last Thursday Miss K was back in hospital getting a new ICD fitted to replace the one she received back in 2008 and she is doing really well with her new device and new medication.

Master H will have the same surgery in the next year or so.

I have shared this to raise awareness for this silent yet deadly condition as it is really close to my heart and I want to raise awareness and hop that others can be saved. ( recently in our local school community, a 15 year old died as he had the same genetic disorder, only no one new about it).

Thank you for your time and please share or make others aware. V x

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