Thursday, July 31, 2014


We all need to take time out and have time to just sit, relax and wind down enjoying what we love. Over the weekend my daughters and I flew to Melbourne for my niece's 18th birthday celebration.

I suffer from migraines, particularly at that certain time of the month when your hormones are all over the place. I also suffer from neck pain and over the last 5-6 days my neck has been really painful. On the Friday we were in Melbourne I spent the day laying around as i had the bad neck pain with a migraine as well and my lovely sister organised a massage from me. (I have never had one before). It was perfection and oh so relaxing.

My favourite way to take time out is to read my magazines. I am a 'magazine aholic' although I have tamed somewhat. Subscribing to one and only purchasing others on a want/need basis.

Add  a little make up and dress to make yourself happy are both little ways to have a little time to make yourself feel fabulous.

Watch a favourite TV show, I have been going to bed early to read and catching up with my TV shows online. 

Read your favourite blogs while having a cuppa of your favourite hot drink/beverage.

Take yourself out for lunch or morning tea, go sit in a cafe and read your favourite magazine, brainstorm with an iPad or iPhone/notebook and watch the people walk past.

How do you make time to just be you?

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