Friday, June 6, 2014


My youngest daughter has read this book and recommended it way back to Miss R and myself.  John Green seems to be the new teenage author of our time with stories of love and infatuation. John Green was the first author my daughter fell in love with and now her reading repertoire has opened big time. This book was although very sad but totally amazing how could you not fall in love with Augustus Waters so enchanting and adorable. 

My daughter's and I sat through the advance screening of The Fault In Our Stars TFIOS on Wednesday night. The theatre was filled with loads of teenagers and they were all a blubbering mess when the credits started rolling. I am reading the book all over again and Miss B stated to me 'lets go and watch the movie again and hope for a different ending' ...... but we all know that will not happen. I highly recommend the book and the movie but make sure you have the tissues with you.

My favourite quote is when Augustus and Hazel Grace's are on their first date in Amsterdam, from the waiter "Dom Perignon when he first invented champagne 'Come quickly he said, I am tasting the stars' "

Miss R's favourite quote -  Is when Hazel Grace was reading out her eulogy to Augustus 'I cannot tell you how thankful I am for our little infinity.'

Miss B's favourite quote when Hazel takes Augustus to the park for a picnic 'That's the thing about pain, it demands to be felt.'

Have you read the book? Thoughts? 

Are you going to watch the movie? 

What is you favourite quote?

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