Thursday, May 8, 2014


We all need a good winter coat to keep the chill out and keep us looking stylish. When looking for a winter coat be sure to look out for.....

Figure flattering
The silhouette should emulate an hourglass. So keep an eye out for a nipped in waist, side panelling and a built in belt.

Quality fabric
Quality will always determine the warmth and comfort of your coat. So try and choose a natural fabric with a tight weave.

The lining will act as a second layer of warmth so look for good stitching with a pleat in the back for ease of movement.

Look for a 3/4 length which is flattering for most figures. Avoid long coats if you are short as they only make you look shorter.

If it does not fit you correctly then it will not flatter you. Choose one that you can move in comfortably, which is not tight across the back or chest area.


Choose a neutral colour that is always stylish like black, tan or grey. Or go for a print (like the Duchess of Cambridge).

Have you bought your winter coat?

Do you have a got to coat that you wear every year?

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  1. I have a few winter coats and I'm always on the look out for the next. How stunning is the first coat!! Great tips! Rachel xx

  2. I only have one long coat and few short length ones. I am on the lookout for a longer length one. Yes isn't the first pic divine. Vx

  3. You have such cool taste Vicki! I came from the UK with at least 4 long winter coats. My all time favourite is a hot pink cashmere wrap coat. I love it...but NEVER get to wear it xx

  4. Lots of gorgeous inspiration there Vicki! I desperately need a new trench coat. I have a gorgeous DKNY one hanging in the wardrobe, which I've never worn as I ordered it last year and it's now too big (which is good for me, but terrible for the credit card lol)

  5. oooo I am in love with almost ALL of those coats. I only actually have two and have had them for years. It may be time to do a little coat shopping YEAH! x

  6. Being 6ft tall I struggle to find coats that are long enough in length and in the arm, I love the cut of the second one.

  7. Oh that hot pink wrap coat sounds fabulous Bev. You must post a pic of you wearing it. V x

  8. I had a Stella McCartney one that was too big which I had fitted for me, may be you should do the same so you can wear it and feel fabulous Kirsten. Too good to just sit in the closet. V x

  9. I need at least one more coat Sonia. I have a black but definitely need at least two more.
    V x

  10. Oh I hope you find one Sarah, just perfect for you. V x

  11. Ah its been so long since I went shopping for a winter coat. When I lived in London it was a neccecity but since being a mum in Sydney I've found that I haven't actually needed one. I still have some of my beautiful coats hanging in my wardrobe for 'one day' - if they're still in fashion that is x

  12. Does fashion really matter? You have your style and embrace those beautiful coats. V x

  13. Such lovely coats! black goes with loads but I just can never bring myself to buy the black if there is another colour option! I have a kind-of coat knit from FCUK its big loose 3/4 sleeve in beige/cream and love it goes with loads. And my go to is my nan's vintage coat that is a dusty blue grey that hugs you around the bodice but fans out at the hip, trimmed with fur collar and cuffs its gorgeous... about 40-50yrs old. My always go to coat!


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