Friday, May 2, 2014


I love April it is the month where the heat of summer finally dissipates and we can start adding on the layers for the impending cold. I really look forward to the leaves falling and spending days sitting in the sunshine to keep warm. There is nothing like the winter sun shining down and brightening our days.  I also look forward to snuggling up under a blanket watching movies with my girls.

April was the month where we completed watching The OC together. You know that American teen drama with Marissa, Ryan, Summer and Seth. What an emotional roller coaster that was, especially in season three where one of the popular cast members die. It was not the same without them. I do recommend watching if you have not before.

I completed my first module on becoming a Teacher's Assistant. Talk about brain drain. But I can happily say that I am doing well. It is hard to know exactly what is required and how much detailed information you need to add. Nothing like learning something new. But hope to do better for the second module. 

I also took the plunge and renamed by blog and all social media outlets from shoppegirls to styleonv. Exciting news to be featured twice in the Sunday Style Magazine with my churros photos. Churros Friday is a regular occurrence for me and my Uni girl where catch up and have a chat and do a little retail therapy.

What was your happiest moment for the month of April?

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