Tuesday, May 6, 2014


From day to day I struggle to cope with certain obstacles that decide to challenge me. Just like most of us it can be a struggle to stay present and eliminate the negativity around us and I try so hard to stay present and positive but sometimes it can be hard with the way our life progresses and the new challenges faced.

This week is a challenging week for me as both my daughters are in Bali for the week. This is the first time I have had them away from me for this long together. I am so full of emotion and hoping they have a fabulous time with their father.

Pay attention to thoughts. 

We all tend to let our mind wander more than it should and think things we should not think. Thoughts can seem real on occasion even if they have not happened. When I realise I am thinking this way i tend to think in the present and remove my thoughts from the negativity and rephrase and rethink to the positive.

Step outside yourself. 

I find myself taking a step back and refresh my thinking on the happy times ahead and keeping myself occupied. Giving something your full attention will help keep the negative thoughts at bay to concentrate on the present and thinking positive that the girls are having a great time or that I should not be thinking of what has not happened. Although this does not stop me from praying to keep them safe and healthy. 

Write it down. 

I have specifically started journaling to write down my thoughts. Putting thoughts on paper helps to reflect. Writing thoughts down will help the flush away from your mind and help to focus on the present instead of what might or could happen.

Create a reminder. 

If I notice myself thinking negatively I think to myself that it is nonsense and bring my though process back to reality. Positive affirmations on sticky notes around will help keep your thoughts positive. Why think negatively if nothing has happened. Thinking positive brings happiness and joy to yourself and others.


  1. These are brilliant tips. Especially if you find that they work for you. Good luck on surviving this week. xS

  2. Thank you Sarah I am doing ok.But counting down the days. Vx

  3. 26 Years & CountingMay 6, 2014 at 10:17 AM

    I like the idea of sticky notes full of positive thoughts.

  4. Yes it is a great idea. I do it for my daughters as well. I also print off quotes and they put them in their room. Vx

  5. Kathy www.yinyangmother.comMay 6, 2014 at 1:17 PM

    Hi Vicki - the observant mind really is the key isn't it. I have also come up with what I call yinyang affirmations - sometimes I find positive affirmations a bit phoney - this is where yinyang affirmations acknowledge the current situation (allow for pain, indecision, fear etc) while projecting into the future) - I have a free little e-book with some of my favourites on my site. Hope you can stay positive while your girls are away.

  6. By word for 2014 is CALM after a somewhat stressful year last year and one of the things I have been doing to find myself calmer and happier is to pay more attention to my thoughts and let the negative ones go and look for positive ones, it is taking some getting used too but definitely working!

  7. Thank you Kathy. I am doing ok, but have my moments. Vx

  8. CLAM is such a fabulous word. Just seeing it written or said just gives an instant calming effect to me. Yes overtake the negative with the positive. Glad your positivity is working for you. Vx

  9. Stay focused on the end goal. Picture picking your girls up from the airport and how happy you'll all be when you're back together. I genuinely believe in the power go positive thoughts xx You're doing really well Vicki xx

  10. Thank you lovely lady. I chat to them everyday and they send photos, so that is keeping me happy. But counting dow the days until Monday when they arrive back in Sydney. V xx

  11. CALM is a magic word. Just hearing it bring instant calmness. Rethinking your thoughts into positive ones helps in so many ways. Vx

  12. Your timing could not have been more perfect - thanks lovely xx

  13. Must be so hard for you V. I can't even imagine.
    I love what you're doing though to focus on the positive. Helpful for yourself, but also such a great example for your girls in the future. xx

  14. Nothing like a little reminder to be positive and retrain our thought processes. V x


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