Saturday, April 12, 2014


Today was going to be my grand adventure into the city with loads of other bloggers for the Kidspot Voices 2014 Masterclass and Official Launch Party. I was dressed and ready to go ...... but then my phone would not turn on and my vision was going spotty and showing all the signs a migraine was on the way. I took these as signs that I should not be attending these events that I have been excited for all week. Getting out and mingling with all these lovely bloggers I am really wanting to meet. 

I am an incredibly shy person and I do let the littlest things sway me in the other direction, although part of my is kicking myself for not attending. 

My head is starting to pound. Have a fabulous time all you wonderful Kidspot Voices of 2014 attendees and hosts. 

Are you one to chicken out and let all the little signs take over and stop you from attending events you are unsure of?


  1. Aw Vicki, you poor thing to be hit with a migraine! I would have loved to have gone but tomorrow we have my husbands Nannas 90th Birthday and family are flying in to celebrate the occasion. I hope you can get some good rest and that the migraine won't stay around. X

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words. Enjoy the 90th birthday. x

  3. Sophisticated MummaApril 12, 2014 at 8:11 PM

    What a shame! Maybe it was the anticipation that threw the migraine mixed in with a little subconscious stress? Hope your feeling better, maybe a little home pampering will make up for the skipped event...candles, bath and a relaxing evening. :-)

  4. Thank you. Yes I totally agree with you. I had a lovely and relaxing day with my beautiful daughters.

  5. Oh Vicki I so hear you.
    This gorgeous online community that we are all part of gives me the confidence to be me. BUT if I need to step out into the 'unknown' I feel myself shrivelling up like a sultana (which shocks everyone who knows me). My biggest fear is walking into a room full of people where not one person talks to me.
    Be kind to yourself lovely girl because you are not alone. My migraines are always triggered by stress - it sounds like yours might be too. Sending you a very big hug xx

  6. I am so looking forward to meeting you one day (real soon). I know there are lots of us around and I do need to step out of my comfort zone to get out there and mingle. I am excited to do so and then as you shrivel up like a sultana and find ways to back out of it all. Then I end up regretting my choice. But I am I stayed home with my girls and watched Dvd's most of the day while checking my instagram and twitter feeds 'wishing I was there' Sending you a hug right back.x


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