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I just adore Sally. I guess you could say I have a girl crush. I just love everything about this wonderful lady. I have followed Sally through her journey with breast cancer to see her come out the other side better than ever. I love her site Swiish and watching her along with Tom, Monique and Kris on The Daily Edition

I featured a little about Sally's book back in March last year you can read it here

This gorgeous lady just shines. Sally radiates to me everywhere she goes like a ray of sunshine.

A little snippet from the Swiish about page

Like most women, Sally has always enjoyed expressing who she is through her sense of fashion and lifestyle. In addition to swiish, Sally is also the co-host of Channel 7’s new afternoon show The Daily Edition. She is also an ambassador for Bio Oil. Incredibly passionate about supporting charities, Sally is an ambassador for the National Breast Cancer Foundation and the Sony Foundation. She also works with the Nelune Foundation and the Breast Cancer Network of Australia. Keen to put her own swiish stamp, Sally and her team have launched the charitable initiative wish by swiish™ where they try to bring a little joy and happiness into the lives of breast and ovarian cancers sufferers by turning their wishes into a reality. Sally is passionate about health and fitness and is a qualified personal trainer as well.
A bestselling author, Sally’s book Never Stop Believing was released in April 2013, through Allen & Unwin.  Sally shares her truly inspiring story of triumph over almost unbeatable odds in a wonderfully warm, funny and honest memoir about her struggle to succeed in the cut-throat world of commercial television and her courageous battle with cancer.
Have you read Sally's book?
Do you have a style crush/girl crush?

photos courtesy of Swiish

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  1. She is lovely! I have always thought she was gorgeous and stylish plus she seems like a gorgeous person on the inside too. Ok, it appears that I have a little crush on her too. Rachel xx

  2. Sal is divine! Love her on telly, love her style and that smile!!! Girl crushing on her too xx K

  3. She is just fabulous and radiates everywhere. Sally's smile is infectious.

  4. My girl crush is Sonia from Sonia Styling. What a beautiful soul she is both on the inside and on the outside. Sally is totally gorgeous too Vicki xx

  5. Yes Sonia is just gorgeous. Did you know Bev that you are one of my style crushes as well?

  6. You my darling might have just made my year! Thank you so much Vicki, you are adorable xxx


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