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For most of us it can be nice to have a change in our lives to renew and refresh. Small changes that may seem insignificant can a have a huge impact on your progress through out your day. A change how ever significant can make for a more productive day, week, month or year. See if something can change for a more positive outcome.

1. Switch up your typical responses. 
When someone asks how you're doing, do you often reply in the exact same way, such as with the word "Fine." or "Great!"? Most of us have a pretty standard default setting for the way respond to questions we hear all the time. To switch things up, start altering your responses. Really think about the question and answer honestly. 

2. Travel an entirely new way to school or work. 
It's common to take the exact same route every day (mostly because it's the fastest or easiest one to take!), but what if you switched it up and took a different route? Even if it takes a little more time, it's worth traveling down a new road just to give your brain a new point of view to take in. You don't have to switch it up every day, but it's worthwhile every once and awhile. 

3. Throw out / replace something you complain about. 
Is there something you're always complaining about? An appliance that doesn't work right? A shirt you don't like but for some reason wear anyway? Most of us have something like that—a thing we moan about but don't do anything about. Today, throw it out or replace it with something else. Sometimes our complaining is simply a habit—and it's up to us to change it. 

4. Focus on doing one single thing at a time. 
If you're a notorious multitasker like myself, focusing on a single activity can be a big challenge—but it's a worthwhile pursuit. Apparently, studies have shown that you're more effective if you do only one thing. And, for most of us, intently focusing on a single thing is actually quite a novel activity in itself. Keeping your attention narrow gives you a chance to stay more present too!

5. Take a break at an unusual time and go for a walk. 
Being outside, even for a short while, seems to offer all sorts of benefits. Take a break at an unusual time—say, 10am instead of 1pm—and go for a short stroll. Switching up the timing of your break will break you from a rut, and enjoying the outdoors gives you an opportunity to appreciate the world outside of your daily routine. 

6. Get into bed an hour earlier than usual. Like it or not, youneed sleep. Most of us know how much we need, but rarely actually get that amount. Even if you can't fall asleep right away, getting into bed an hour earlier—with a good book or even a journal—can tweak your nightly routine and, if you're lucky and can fall asleep, it can also provide you with some additional rest.

7. Enjoy a meal you've never had before. 
It's perfectly fine to have culinary preferences, but there's something to be said for trying a new meal. Whether you order in or cook it up yourself, give something new a try. Even if doesn't make your list of favorites, the experience of trying something new will be invigorating and, at the very least, will help you switch up your routine. 

8. Turn off the TV + pick up a book. 
Mindless television watching can be lovely, particularly after a long day, but tweaking your evening routine and throwing in a book (or magazine or something other than a screen) can provide you with a new kind of relaxation. Even if you're not a big fan of reading, just give it a try. You might find it surprisingly enjoyable, snuggling up with a good read. 

9. Spend time with someone unfamiliar. 
Now, don't just go running over to some stranger to switch things up. It's important to spend time not with someone random, but with someone you know but aren't too familiar with, like a coworker you interact with frequently but don't know well. Ask him or her to grab lunch or coffee with you, even if it seems a little random. You never know when you might make a friend!   

10. Reverse a habitual schedule. 
Do you have a pretty standard morning or evening routine? If so, trying reversing it. Instead of brush teeth—wash face—brush hair, try doing the reverse. Or if you normally eat breakfast at home, try grabbing a bite on the way to (or at) work. It might seem silly, but small little tweaks to your routines can be really useful, especially when it comes to being more mindful. 

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  1. I find it scary that sometimes I arrive places and do not remember the trip at all. The route is too familiar. Great tips here!

  2. Yes I love these tips. So simple to achieve and work into your life.

  3. A great way to mix things up. We really need to change our mindsets to achieve different results.

  4. Yes changing our mindsets is a ways to happiness and positivity

  5. These are useful tips Vicki, I need to do one thing at a time but then I'll probably stress because things aren't getting done fast enough. The change of routine is a good one, in fact we might do that tomorrow, instead of having apples at 6 and breakfast at 6.30 we might jump in car and have brekkie on the beach!

  6. What a fabulous idea to go to the beach for breakfast.

  7. Great ideas! We just moved house, so we're finding we are doing lots of things outside the norm at the moment. It's refreshing!

  8. Thanks for sharing the list! I'm working on going to bed earlier, preferably not in the wee hours of the morning like I've been doing. One other thing I did want to say about changing things up is that it sparks creativity too!

  9. My pleasure Stephanie. I would like to fit more reading into my day before I go to sleep.

  10. I definitely like trying a few of those things, I love change and I've actually written a blog post about the benefits of change. I've always tried to respond differently when people ask 'how are you?' I figure that if someone is really and sincerely asking the question, well I"m going to answer it honestly. If I'm feeling like crap or I'm worried, well I'll say so. As for the Multi-tasking part, well as you can see my blog name says it all and as much as I try to focus on one thing, being a mum of a 2 year old, I try to do as many things at once as I can to get through everything! But, I will give it a try :).

  11. Well done you for taking the plunge and introducing a little change, which can be hard with a 2 year old, but fun all at the same time. I will have to take a look at your blog post. No harm in trying.

  12. I get bored of driving the same way to school every day, but I would rather bored than exasperated by traffic, so I'll give that one a miss :)
    As for the rest, I love these ideas. Focusing on one thing at a time is definitely something I can get better at.

  13. Oh I can totally understand with the traffic. Focusing on one idea at a time is something I need to improve on.

  14. I like the one about spending time with someone familiar. I love how blogging has expanded my social circles so to speak but I think it's time I do that in real life too...maybe I should combine the two, where are you based lol :-)

  15. Some great ideas! I particularly like number 3. Being a bit of a chucker, throwing out things that don't work for me makes life easier!

  16. Deb - An Inspirational JourneyApril 19, 2014 at 4:59 AM

    I enjoyed reading this - thank you :)

  17. I wish I could throw items and clutter out. I will have to get onto it though.

  18. These are great tips! I love the one, change your responses. I believe it is so important to recognise how you are and to be open about it.

  19. This post could not have come at a better time for me lovely. Thank you - I feel some changes coming on xx

  20. There are great pointers there. Enjoy the changes gorgeous lady. V x


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