Friday, March 14, 2014

my top 5 for friday

My heart goes out to this beautiful family today and always. So courageous! I am showing solidarity and support by joining Styling You and wearing red lipstick today (as I do not have much red in the way of clothing) for the Daniel Morcombe Foundation (official page). My daughter is wearing a red ribbon in her hair today (even though it is not her school colour) Will you be showing your support? #redfordaniel

Country Road offering 25% off all stock as well as sale stock. I bought up on two items for myself and one each for my daughters. I have been waiting for the embroidered cut out dress to go on sale which I got for a bargain price of $44.96 which was $149.00. Wow! what a saving and worth the wait. 

one // two // three // four

Rachel Wernicke's at Redcliffe Style Public toilet survival guide. I am with Rachel on her survival guide. I have to say I cannot cope if they are smelly as I start retching and walk out immediately to look for another toildet. I do have my favourites and tend to always go to them. How about you, how do you survive the public toilets?

Gorgeous breakfast image from Tuula shooting for Harrods and the #digitalstylesummit

Who What Wear advice on 10 tips you can do today to advance your career.

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  1. Agreed. I have little bumps reading this and I do not know how they have coped throughout this whole ordeal. Thank you so much for stopping by.


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