Monday, March 10, 2014


1. Where do you reside?

Adelaide, South Australia.

2. What is special about where you live?

I like to think of Adelaide as an underrated gem. We have the most amazing wine regions (all less than 2 hours drive from the CBD), fantastic restaurants and fresh local produce, plus the best coastline with the most incredible beaches.

3. What is your favourite childhood memory?

In the school holidays, I used to stay over my cousins’ house. We used to stay up late playing Cluedo, Hungry Hungry Hippos and eating Frosty Fruit iceblocks.

4.  Who inspires you?

Bloggers such as Nikki from Styling You, Andrea from Fox In Flats, Beth from Baby Mac and Mrs Woog from Woogsworld. They are incredibly successful but all of them are so supportive of smaller bloggers, such as myself.

5.  Describe your perfect day?

A day with absolutely nowhere to be and no clock watching! Bonus points for a shopping spree, amazing food, my girlfriends and champagne.

6. Favourite holiday destination?

It’s difficult to narrow it down to one place, so I’m going to choose three! Paris, the Amalfi Coast and Dubai. We were fortunate enough to visit all of these places on our honeymoon and we loved them all for different reasons.

7. What are some of your favourite items that you could not live without?
My iPhone (I bet every blogger says that!), mascara, my conical wand and every single piece of leopard print clothing that I own!

8. What is your favourite product for your home?

Our coffee machine (Sunbeam Café Series). My husband makes me a coffee every single morning and it’s our little daily ritual we enjoy together.

9. What is one product you have bought that you did not need but just had to have?

I can always justify a purchase! I didn’t think I needed a conical wand, as I already owned a GHD straightener and a curling wand, but it has seriously made all the difference to my hair. I can now finally achieve the beachy waves I’ve spent years trying to create.

10. Describe your favourite meal?

I absolutely love seafood, so whenever we go out for a meal that’s usually what I order. I love sharing Oysters Kilpatrick with my husband for entrée, then I will pick a main that has fish or prawns in it and if dessert is on offer, I can never say no to a chocolate fondant.

11.Are you fashion conscious? If so what is your favourite label ?

I would say so. I love fashion and see it as a creative outlet to express my personal style. My favourite labels (that I own and wish I owned) include Sass & Bide, Witchery, Balmain, Country Road, Forever New and Sussan.

12. To finish off would you like to add a favourite photo? Tell us why it is your favourite.

This was taken on our honeymoon in Paris. It was the first time I’d ever seen snow, which was so exciting for me, and it added a touch of magic to the City of Love.

Thank you so much Sonia for letting us all know a little more about you. x

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  1. I love these interviews where I get to share all these fabulous people with all of you, my readers.


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