Tuesday, March 4, 2014

how do we really help someone with DEPRESSION?

BE KIND. For everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. 

This is a question that we wish we all knew the answer to.  As it is hard to know when how or why?  Well sometimes we know why, if problems have been spoken about. The death of Charlotte Dawson shocked the hell out of me and I was really taken aback like I knew her. I was always thinking about her and what she endured, that we knew of, before taking her own life. She tried and she tried but the depression monster took over. 

Unfortunately last year both my daughters and myself lost two lovely spuls to suicide. They were both only 18 and 19. Last week was a year for the first suicide who my eldest daughter new from her best friends sister. I felt for my daughter having to endure the tragic loss of someone she new whom had ended his own life. 

The second was in the middle of the year and was an absolute shock as he was my youngest daughters friends brother he was only 18. We found out through Facebook and we just sat around for hours talking and chatting about that poor family. We all went to the funeral and although I had not spoken to or seen the mother for a number of years I just had to share my condolences and hug the family. I also expressed to my daughters that sadly they will experience suicide throughout there lives. 

We also lost a family friend while I was in my twenties and he was loved by every member of my family and was engaged to a mother family friend. No matter how much we think what could we have done to prevent the loss of a life, we can try and try but really the depression monkey can be so deep and although they may hold on for a little longer if they did this or that but eventually their thoughts are taken over and they cannot see another way out.

We just need to be there.

Although my daughters are not going through depression, to me suicide is one of the most scariest things I face as a mother. It scares the shit out of me and it always in the back of my mind that it can happen to anyone. You just never know and we all need to cherish and spend each and every moment loving and caring and being KIND always.

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