Tuesday, March 11, 2014


'An ill-advised print dress can age a woman 10 years! Always go for rejuvenating looks.  

Tips to give your style a facelift a la Parisienne. Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange is my go to bible for style and fashion ideas. 

Never allow yourself to get stuck in a style adopted at a particular age: it will age you instantly. 

Especially when you are over 40. 'That is me.' I asked myself a few weeks ago 'Can I still get away with this', in regards to the floral jeans. I was so worried that I may be trending something that I am too old for. I am so happy I took the plunge and at the moment they are my favourite spring piece to wear. 'By all means carry on expressing your personal style, but never let that translate into boredom'. The Parisian knows how to evolve her style as she gets older.

I have to say since reaching my mid - forties I tend to have more class and style more than ever. Maybe because I am choosing more classic pieces adding a few on trend pieces into my mix. Yes I have got it wrong and have worn the piece one or two times and realised that I should not be wearing this and end up selling the item on eBay or passing it too someone who looks fabulous wearing that piece..

Golden Rules from Parisian Chic

Never follow convention.

Never be bland.

Never neglect yourself.

Always choose the right accessory to transform your look ~ if you often dress in navy or black with a white shirt, but sometimes surprise with a fuchsia blouse. Result is that no one will try to work out how old you are.

Stay interested ~ Look out for new designers, try new shapes, get some platform shoes. Be bold - even if it results in the occasional faux pas.

Never follow fashion blindly ~ embrace current trends in subtle forms like the colour grey, wide leg pants.....

Always mix chic and cheap ~ a pile up of luxury labels can be fatal after 45.

Do not dress like a teenager ~ Trying to look young is the quickest way to look old.

Be bold ~ Wear a bomber jacket in place of a blazer, ballet flats instead of heels with a chiffon dress. 

Change your jewellery regularly.

Do not feel obliged to buy 'fun' clothes ~ A good quality round neck sweater is a must when you are over 50. Mix it with jeans and a rope necklace for a chic look.

Loafers + ballet flats suit everybody ~ as do tennis shoes (converse are a religion for the Parisian)


  1. Well you have your style Parisian Chic way. Love Italian style.

  2. Yes they are rules i follow often, well try to anyway.


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