Monday, March 31, 2014


Sometimes we can lose ourselves and the way we would like to be - whether it is a reaction to a certain situation or may have said the wrong thing to a person we love or care about. We all need to take time to reflect and encourage ourselves to be the person we like to be. 

All to often we tend to put ourselves down or think we are not good enough. There are little things that niggle us continuously which can harbor or inhibit us entirely from being exactly who we want to be.

Only the time and attention we give ourselves demonstrates how much we love and admire ourselves. Self love requires that we place ourselves at the top of our priority list.Self-nurturing is everything that makes us feel positive, happy and joyful. When we decide to honor ourselves with the love we need and deserve - like the sun we radiate a glow, touching everything and everyone in our lives. [theboldlife]

1. Start fresh each day.
2. Make the most of every opportunity.  
3. Listen to music.  
4. Learn to calm yourself 
5. Be brave.  
6. Speak kindly of yourself.  
7. Vent in a positive way.  
8. Keep your cool.  
9. Accept your physical appearance.  
10. Learn to hold your own hand. 
11. Develop your intuition.  
12. Give up self put-downs.  
13. Feel and express gratitude. 
14. Persevere.  
15. Sleep sound. 
16. Balance your diet. 
17. Refuse to argue.  
18. Recharge your batteries. 
19. Balance your energy.  
20. Be impeccably groomed. 
21. Dress for success.  
22. Make your car a sanctuary.  
23. Schedule fun times for yourself.  
24. Hang out with positively happy people. 
25. Create personal affirmation cards, use daily. 
26. Take mini breaks throughout the day.  
27. Experience new things.  
28. Say no more often.  
29. Meditate.  
30. Learn to relax.  
31. Communicate your emotions. 
32. Breathe mindfully. 
33. Give yourself space.  
34. Appreciate where you are today.  
35. Know yourself.  
36. Congratulate yourself.  
37. Get a massage.  
38. Enjoy nature. 
39. Light candles.  
40. Laugh for no reason.  
41. Be open to being wrong.  
42. Be gentle with yourself.  
43. Be flexible.  
44. Reward yourself.  
45. Celebrate your imperfections.  
46. See the humour in things.  
47. Open yourself to umlimited possibilities.  
48. Honour your individuality.  
49. Go at your own pace. 
50. Set attainable goals. 
51. Respect your body.
52. Open your mind to change.  
53. Notice the beauty around you.  
54. First meet your own needs.  
55. Be completely honest.  
56. Embrace self-responsibility.  
57. Be dependable.  
58. Run towards your fears.  
59. Enjoy down time.  
60. Eliminate shoulds. 

A lovely way to start your week on a positive note. xx

What holds you back? 

Do you have anything to add to become the person you LOVE?


  1. Vicki what a lovely positive list! For me personally, I believe everything starts by learning to love & respect yourself. Once you have mastered your own self-worth, you give off happy vibes to those that matter around you xx

  2. I love this list, it helps make you think and realise that life can be happier.

  3. I am the only person who holds me back & I've finally come to not only accept that but acknowledge it & even sometimes overcome it!

    This is a great list & I'll be printing it out as a reminder to be kinder to myself.
    Thanks Vicki :)

  4. It is a great list and we all should take notice and we must be kinder to ourselves

  5. I've also printed out the picture at the top in colour for my office wall!


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