Tuesday, February 4, 2014

style in your 40's THE PLAYSUIT

Yikes!! I am sharing myself in a playsuit and showing my legs. Although I have been told that I have pretty good legs over the years. Everything is changing and cellulite is becoming more prominent. I have only worn this Witchery playsuit a couple of times. I guess I am a little hesitant baring my legs out in the big wide world. But then I also think that I should keep baring them while I can still get away with it. I love fashion and there are somethings that we should not wear in our 40's........ isn't there? 

I remember when I was a teenager I hated baring my legs and lived in long pants or longer skirts and shorts. But then as you get older and you receive compliments to boost your self esteem and you think what the heck I should just take the plunge and wear what I want when I want.

A black play suit is perfect to take from day to night by changing your accessories and changing from sandals or flats to a heel. A perfect piece for when the season heats up.

What part of your body do you hide away but you know deep down you shouldn't?  

What piece of clothing do you love but are to scared to wear? 

Life is for living with no regrets ..... isn't it?

I am linking in for wardrobe wednesday with Kimba Likes.


  1. I think you look lovely and as for me, at a month off turning 50 I care less for fashion "rules" than I ever did! If you feel comfortable and confident, you will look great and anyway, how dare anyone tell us what is appropriate to wear or not? Go for it.

  2. Thank you so much Gabrielle. I certainly agree with all you have said. Everyone should go for it.

  3. Same here, I've got this fear of wearing playsuits. But maybe because I haven't found one that suited my body shape. They're either too high up and too short. But yours look amazing! Need to find one soon!


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