Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I am curious to know do you dress to impress yourself or others? I have to say I honestly dress to impress myself. Years ago I used to try and dress to impress others but really how are you going to know what they think unless they compliment you and then if nothing is said you tend to second guess yourself.

But if you impress yourself then you are going to shine as you are sparkly from the outside in. If you feel good then you portray confidence and joy as you are happy. I am no expert but this is something I have learnt over a number of years. We tend to dress in what we love and it always helps when you receive compliments as this gives you an added boost and the confidence to dress with confidence.

Choose clothes you love an know look good on you - If you wear what you feel good in then you will look good. If you feel good and smile then others will smile too.

Be confident - Confidence is key. If you portray confidence then you will stand tall and be noticed and in turn feel good.

Wear the appropriate look for the event - always dress to the specified code on any invitation. You can take a look at the dress codes here.

Purchase clothes your size - Always purchase clothes that fit you well. Never pick something which is too tight as this will emphasise and create lumps and bumps you do not have. But clothes to suit your shape and emphasise the parts of body you love most.

Accessorise - adding accessories always add a sense of chicness and sophistication. But keep it simple.

Most importantly ....... Be yourself!

So do you dress to impress others or yourself? 

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