Monday, February 3, 2014

11 steps to a FRESH START

"Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true." - Leon J Seunes

The schooling year has begun and that means time for all of us to put our heads down and get back into work and the everyday routine. Sometimes there are changes that need to be made to make ourselves better people. 

The changes you want to see occur could be in a variety of different areas of life – health, attitude, time management, job performance, finances, relationships, etc, but no matter what they are it will take discipline and a consistent approach to eliminate the old habits that haven’t worked and reconfigure new habits into your mind that you would like to become second nature. The good news is the change you want to see can and will happen if you follow these 11 steps. Let’s get started.

1. Let go of what didn’t work
 – past grievances, emotions, etc. However, letting go doesn’t mean you forget, but what it does allow you to do is move forward.

2. Be very clear about what you want to change. 
Write it down. Be concrete. Break down your goals into small steps. What are you going to change in your life to make that a reality? How will you go about it? How long do you give yourself for that goal to become achievable?

3. Stick to a short list of things you want to change. 
Try to keep your list of changes/goals to three for the upcoming few months. Step by step is the key or you will just bombard yourself and then your set goals will become less achievable. By keeping your goal list short, you are better able to focus and accomplish what you intend to.

4. Learn from the mistakes and apply those lessons effectively. 
Letting go is imperative for a fresh start, but the key is to learn the lesson and apply it so that in moving forward we make positive strides in the right direction. If something has been niggling at you then break it down to make the change achievable.

5. Talk to an objective party. 
We have all had different life experiences and it can be helpful to listen to another perspective. Make sure it is someone you trust. Allow yourself to just listen and digest their advice. Some you may use and some you may not, but it is always best just to listen once you’ve shared your scenario. Often there may be things in your past that you aren’t quite sure how to change, but desperately want to.Talk to someone who isn’t bias and is simply able to give objective advice. 
6. Understand the reason for each of the changes you want to make. 
Remind yourself of how you want to feel by treating your body with better care. 

7. Remain committed. 
To truly change habits and let go of things that were not helping you progress toward your goals, will require time .  So be patient with yourself.

8. Strive for excellence, push aside perfection. 
YOu will sway  along the way, but take  them as opportunities to learn from and do not stop. Do your best and then push a little further.  You’ll be surprised what you are actually capable of.

9. Positive self talk is mandatory.
Remember to surround yourself with optimism – whether it be the people who support your choices, affirmations you’ve written down and posted in your house, journal or planner, or most importantly, the self-talk that is constantly going on in your head – keep it positive. If you wouldn’t want to hear such negativity from somebody else, don’t allow the voice in your head to bad mouth you either.

10. Give it 24 hours. 
There will be days where your mood is just not where you’d like it to be and the hope and determination you had at the beginning is waning. Give it a day. Give yourself 24 hours and pick up the cause again tomorrow. Don’t stop believing in yourself and give yourself a little bit of a break.

11. Celebrate your achievements
Be happy and celebrate the change that is gradually becoming the new you and the new life you had designed. Those moments when you have accomplished your goal - celebrate them. Tell the world dance around like no one is watching and cherish that moment.


  1. Great steps to a making a fresh start. Sometimes its like everyday is a fresh start .. well that's me anyways. Found you Sonia's link up.

  2. Yes I agree everyday is a fresh start. Thank you for stopping by.


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