Thursday, January 30, 2014

the new year 2014 GOALS

I always tend to start and focus on my year beginning when everyone is back at school and this year I plan to fill in my goals journal and follow my dream step by step. 

I have been walking throughout the house feeling a little emotional as the school year is beginning and that means full steam ahead. My plan is to grow both my little businesses. My blog and the children's boutique Junior Epitome - Parisian Chic for the Petite. I am normally a let it all flow and if it happens it happens type of person and let it all flow putting in some effort but not enough. But that is not good enough. 

2014 is going to be my YEAR! Positive thinking will get you everywhere as I tell my daughter's everyday.

You know those days when you are sentimental are even a touch worse when your 15 year old pulls out the primary school uniform and you look back and think how much they have grown. You see it happening but you do not really think about it and just move on with the everyday.

I am highly emotional at the moment. With the new school year approaching the 4th year of high school for my baby and my eldest heading off to college in the city. Who knows what this year is going to bring. Let's hope there are loads of happy and good times. Wishing you all a happy back to school week. Vicki xx

P.S if you are interested in working with me you can find all the details along the tab bar. Let's work together!

What are some of your goals you would like to achieve in 2014?

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