Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Time moves so fast without us really taking notice. This is year is a new beginning for everyone. Especially for my eldest daughter Rachel whom completed her final year of schooling last year. It was a hard and stressful year with lots of ups and downs. My beautiful Rachel has very low self esteem, which I try my best to build but she is at that point where you know when your parents just think that every thing is ok and where inside they are probably feeling a little down. With the realisation that the world as hey knew has changed forever. The regular routine of getting up and going to school where you have your friends around you every day to talk to and confide. 

Rachel is hoping to get into Promary School teaching but starting off with early childhood education. There is a local child are centre nearby that offers traineeships and just before Christmas Rachel was offered a trial day from 9.00 - 5.00 which she enjoyed. The centre had actually chosen another person but they chose not to take the position which has opened up another opportunity for my daughter. She was asked to go in for 4 hours. 
Remember that feeling of anxiousness and anticipation when doing something out of your comfort zone? Feeling that you do not want to do this as you are so uncomfortable and worried about what the outcome will be. Well that is how my daughter felt yesterday morning before walking into the child care centre saying that she did not want to go, tears in her eyes and trying to think of anything to make the situation easier by going home and forgetting all about it. I really did want to say let's go and make it all better but I didn't. I am feeling a little mother guilt at the moment but I know deep down I have done the right thing but in the back of mind thinking I should have taken her home. 

The only way to get past these situations is to follow through and feel uncomfortable for a little while until the situation becomes better and you ease yourself into it and start to feel that I am happy I did this. So here is to hoping that all goes well for Rachel and let's hope she gets the traineeship and works hard to maintain her friendships and make new ones as new opportunities come around. 

I am happy to report that my lovely daughter came out smiling and happy and thankful for the opportunity again. Lets hope that she gets a call saying she has the traineeship. Fingers crossed. 

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