Tuesday, January 28, 2014

5 style tips for the SCHOOL RUN

Why not make an effort to look effortlessly chic on the school run? We may not have the funds or the designer labels like Elle but we can put in the effort and care to always look our best. Although my playground and drop off days are over, I enjoyed pulling myself together and presenting my best self to meet and chat with teachers and parents. I quite often got compliments on my style and that has stayed with me always.

Be yourself - Most of important be your authentic self.

Keep it simple - Keep your look simple and chic and wear what you love. The makeup up minimal with a touch of gloss on your lips.

Make an effort to present your best self - You will feel confident and look your best too. No good wearing something you are not comfortable in that you keep having to adjust or fiddle with.

Wear flats - Flats are chic and super comfortable

Do not forget your sunglasses - They just add a certain 'je nais se quoi' to complete your style. They are also great for hiding those tears as you say goodbye.

-  sunglasses a must for everyday

-  a pretty summer dress with chic sandals.

-  white skinny jeans with a burst of colour co-ordinated with a little bling.

Elle Macpherson on the School Run

-  your gym gear if you are exercising after dropping the kids off.

-  chic flats.

-  a chunky scarf.


  1. Oh I love Elle. I'd like to think she is effortlessly chic but I suspect there is a bit of behind closed door clothes workshopping going on. Love her style and these photos. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes Elle is so effortlessly chic always. Such fab style to steal from.


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