Monday, January 6, 2014

10 tips to add a little LUXURY TO YOUR WORKING WEEK

The holidays may be over, but as you head back to work today, why not make the transition a little easier and plan a few little luxuries to incorporate into your week. 

For some heading back to work can be hard or you can be the opposite and bounce out of bed ready to tackle the working week ahead.

Little luxuries as simple as your your favourite coffee at your local cafe or purchasing that new magazine that you just have to have can add that little touch of happiness to your day or week.

1. Make the time to enjoy that morning coffee/tea.

2. Purchase your favourite magazine and peruse the pages in detail.

3. Finish your look with your favourite jewellery and lipstick/gloss.

4. Schedule to record your favourite show and peruse at your leisure when time permits.

5. Schedule brunch with someone who's company you enjoy.

6. Book a pampering session with your manicurist, hairdresser or masseuse. 

7. Shop for ingredients for a favourite meal and enjoy with your favourite beverage.

8. One of my favourites is to make the time peruse a book shop.

9. Indulge in your favourite sweet treat.

10. Keep a journal and write what was positive about your day. Positive thoughts will uplift you as you head into the evening.

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