Wednesday, December 18, 2013

MERRIMENT with a tinge of SADNESS

This time of year is always a mixed bag of emotions for me. As I look out the window and watch my 15 year old daughter walk down the street on her way to the bus stop for her last day of year 9, I get that feeling of sadness that overwhelms me and I find it hard to hold back the tears. I

I have watched both my daughters grow and become beautiful inside and out human beings and I could not be any prouder than I am today. My eldest this year, completed her HSC to the best of her ability. I was so completely happy when she received an award for being the top in her English class. Followed by the graduation which was held at our local church. The highlight for me was when they lit candles to celebrate the ending of one door closing and the opening of another. Weeks after the HSC was complete came the formal, where parents were invited to go and celebrate with them.  After the formal dinner and festivities were over teenagers were off on their own to their after party cruising on the harbour for three hours. Arriving back in their hotel rooms at The Star to spend quality time together and have a little more fun.  Rachel also recently came back from the Gold Coast having a fabulous time with a few friends celebrating going to theme parks and generally having fun and looking after themselves. The last month or so has been major for me of letting go and trusting that my girl can look after herself. 

My beautiful 15 year old has grown and matured way beyond her years to become this lovely young lady. I have looked at her several times throughout the year to notice that she has grown from a young teenager to a beautiful caring and considerate young lady. There have been a few ups and downs with my Brookie with her body changing and realising that she is not a little stick figure anymore but a beautiful lady with a personality everyone adores. 

There have also been loads of hard times going through the attitude and all unpleasantries but we have come out the other side and all is well.  

As the year draws to a close I happy to say that my my daughter's are both responsible, beautiful, loving caring and pleasant people and that I am one of the proudest mother's on the planet. 

How was your 2013? 


  1. All credit to you Vicki. It is such a big year for the parents too, isn't it? So proud of my daughter x

  2. Thank you Nikki and same to you. You have done it 2 years in a row. I am super proud of both my girls. x


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