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how to make your fragrance last all day

Are you thinking about buying a fragrance for someone as a gift for christmas? Here are few tips I found on bellaMUMMA to help make the decision easier.

Fragrance evaluator and expert, Erica Moore from Fragrances Of The World explains that with three simple steps, choosing the perfect fragrance can be easy, here's her top tips...

“Ask a few questions and see if you can find out the names of three or four perfumes they have worn before or still wear. This will give you an idea of the family of fragrances they prefer,” says Moore. 

Once you have identified the fragrance family that appeals most to the person you are buying for, ask the sales assistant to provide you with a sample from each of the groups in that family; Fresh, Crisp, Classical and Rich.

Make sure you write the names down for future reference and future gifting. “Don’t limit your search to just the major retailers – also look to some of the niche perfumeries too,” Moore suggests. Another handy tip is spray the perfume on your own skin and see if it evokes a response from the intended recipient. 

Purchase It’s not always easy to do, but try to be intuitive in your choice and go with your initial reactions. “Our sense of smell is one of our most subliminal and primal senses,” says Moore. “If you don’t feel too silly, try to close your eyes when you are smelling the fragrance.

Most importantly don’t over-do it (odour fatigue can set in after only a few testers), take your time, and have fun!” If you really aren’t sure about your choice, take a safe option and buy them an ancillary product such as body lotion or shower gel. You can upgrade to the perfume next Christmas or birthday if they love it.

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