Thursday, December 19, 2013


I love Christmas and spreading Christmas cheer with my family. An opportunity to reflect and reminisce over the year gone by. A chance to relax and rejuvenate and take a break from the everyday. 

But Christmas can be a stressful time for some with mounting lists of to-do's to be completed before the year comes to a close. Christmas presents to buy (my favourite part), feast to prepare and organising how the day will unfold if you have different places to be throughout the day.

My tips to help stay balanced this holiday season -

Take time for you - even if it is just a little coffee break with friends or a flick through your favourite magazine. Have a little lie down to recuperate. The end of the year can be exhausting so take time for yourself to rest relax and revive so you can be your best self.

Be present - Are you one of those people that check your phone in the presence of others or you tend to drift off when someone is speaking to you and what is next on the agenda? Well ! Take a step back and mindfully choose to be present when someone is speaking to you and be fully present in every situation. You amy miss something important. So be present, enjoy each moment and be your beautiful self.

Be accepting - Try not to place expectations on yourself or others and choose to love yourself and others for who they are. No one is perfect and we all need to realise this and have the energy and the endurance to be accepting and enjoy the festivities with everyone.

Eat mindfully - We all tend to indulge a little more over the festive season, so eat only when you are hungry. Mix it up eat healthy first then indulge a little in the specialness that is christmas. Keep well hydrated with water in between each alcoholic beverage.

Breathe - If you are feeling overwhelmed take a few minutes a just breathe! Take a deep breath in and hold for a few seconds and release. Repeat this around four times. You will feel calmer and more relaxed. A tip I use with my daughters when they are feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

Wishing all my readers a lovely christmas. Enjoy and relax. 

Vicki xo

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