Friday, December 6, 2013

10 ways to let your LITTLE YOUR LIGHT SHINE

Party season is here! Now it is time to let yourself shine the best way you can.

Are you a wallflower or are you the one that lights up the room with you charisma and charm? I have to say I am probably the wallflower in huge gatherings but in smaller more intimate surroundings I like to shine [a little]. 

Make the right entrance. Before entering an event think of your best achievement to help release confidence boosting endorphins. Walk in tall proud with a smile and look around [as though you are looking for someone]. Wear a piece that will draw attention [like earrings or necklace] inspires people to approach you.

Be Present. People can read expressions fast so always be engaged in the conversation. If you find yourself zoning out take a look at your feet. This will force your mind to sweep through your body and bring you back to the moment.

Exude Warmth. Offer deep warm eye contact. Speak in a slow and confident manner. 

Position Yourself Wisely. Sit nest to or at a 90 degree angle from who you are talking too. These are positions we feel most comfortable. Stand around the food table. When people eat their endorphin levels rise, which help place people in a better mood.

Wait two seconds before answering. Everyone likes to feel valued and listened to. Instead of responding straightaway, wait - absorb - react - then answer.

Make It All About Them. The longer you keep people talking about themselves the more captivating they will find you. People will remember how it felt talking to you, not so much on what was said. Keep people talking by asking up beat open ended question that get people tapping into their memories.

Breathe Better. Breathing deeply can lower stress levels and increase your feeling of confidence.

Use damage Control. In a awkward situation try to use wit, simple charm or politeness to get out of it. This can also work if you knock something over or trip.

End On A Good Note. Do not wait too long to end a converstaion. Exit by waiting for them to finish a sentence and say something based on what you were discussing, like you should meet this person/read this book/ take a look at this website..... When you have their contact details finish by saying 'I will email you', 'It was a pleasure meeting you'. If you have given them something they cannot help but to have positive feelings for you.

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