Monday, November 11, 2013


It is ok for them to have secrets. Although it hurts to not know it all about their day or the latest gossip on what is happening and what their friends are doing. We need to let them move on and build there own life and hope they make the right choices. They like to confide in a friend or two instead of coming to us. That hurts but it is necessary for them to gain their independence. Especially with my youngest daughter she is a very private individual and sometimes I find it very confronting that when I walk into her room she closes the lid of her laptop and yes you do assume they are up to no good, but I  have learnt that is not the case. We as parents need to trust our children and know that they are doing the right thing and they need their privacy just as much as we do.

Adapted from an article in The Huffington Post | image from Pinterest

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