Monday, October 21, 2013

parenting monday TEENAGERS + BODY IMAGE

Do you remember when you were a teenager and you hated some part of or all of your body? I do and I had good reason to. It all started in Year 9 that I started putting on weight which I put blame to the Milk Bar/ News agency my parents owned. We ate too much junk and paid for it. 

My youngest daughter is in Year 9 and her body has grown lots. Gone is the scrawny little tween. She is now a beautiful teen who is super super conscious of her body and her feelings which goes with puberty. She hates her arms, her legs and sometimes feels so overwhelmed that she is not comfortable enough to leave the house. 

It is always harder when going out as she always puts effort into how she looks applying minimal makeup and aways does her hair immaculately. She is just beautiful inside and out. There has been times where she has not felt comfortable wearing her sports uniform. It is a step by step and day by day process and some days are better than others. It breaks my heart when I see her not happy with herself.

I am ever so thankful that the catholic school she goes too are aware and help her through with support and counselling. Over the weekend she had a party to attend and was a little overwhelmed on what to wear and she chose a vibrant blue short jumpsuit. I felt so proud and she looked amazing. I think she felt good as well and there were no meltdowns. The next issue to tackle is swimwear. Wish me luck!

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