Wednesday, October 2, 2013


We all have to face criticism sometime in our lives, unfortunately it is part of life. Critical words can hurt and play with our thought processes. If you are anything like me they can play over and over in your mind and then you start doubting yourself and question your motives and it is really hard to turn those negative thoughts and feelings around. In all honesty we need, especially when the criticism is not correct, we should learn to cope in a more positive way. I have slowly over the last year to try and brush it off or go through my thought processes and then put it to the back of mind.

Tips from positively present on how to handle criticism in a more positive manner -

1. Don't take it personally.
It's hard not to take it personally when someone is criticising you, but try to take a step back from the words and process them from an objective place. What is this person really saying? Is it about you or about him/her? And if it is about you, is it true? Sometimes we react so quickly to what's being said that we don't realise that it might be true. Or we react so quickly that we don't realise that it's so untrue that it's not even worth thinking about. 

2. Believe in yourself. 
When you know (and stay true to) who you are, the words of others carry less weight. You know what matters most to you and you know if you are staying true to your own path and what others say shouldn't make you question who you are. When you are true to yourself, you can be more open to others words because you know they will either ring true to you or they will be so inaccurate that you won't even need to think twice about them. 

3. Realise you can't please everyone. 
Every single one of us has a unique perspective of reality influenced by our thoughts and experiences and sometimes our perspective creates different ideas of how things should be. No matter how hard you try, you'll never be able to please everyone's idea of what's right so focus on pleasing yourself. If you're doing what's right for you and you feel good about how you're behaving, you don't need any one else's approval. 

4. Use negative feedback to inspire you. Take any negativity that comes your way and use it to make your life more positive. Listen to the criticism someone is offering you and ask yourself if it might possibly good advice. If you decide it is, act on it. Make changes for the better. If you think the critique is untrue, use the other person's negativity to fuel your fire, to motivate you to do what is right for you, and to go in the direction that suits you best. 

5. Learn from the critique. 
There are two ways you can learn from criticism: 
1. you can see the truth it in (if there is any) and strive to make some edits to your behavior, or 
2. you can realise that it's not valid and you can strengthen your own beliefs by sticking to what feels true to you. 
Either way, you have the potential to learn and grow from the criticism you've received. You have the power to take something positive from the negative. 
Coping with criticism can be a challenge, but it's something we're all bound to encounter at some point. Whether you do well with criticism or not, you always have the opportunity to transform it from something negative to something positive. You can make the most of anything life throws at you—even when it seems like it's cloaked in negativity. When you encounter criticism, remember to take a step back and think before you react. Doing so will give you a chance to see the glimmer of positivity that lies in every single negative critique. 

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