Wednesday, October 2, 2013

how to become a STREET STYLE STAR

street style star giovanna battaglia

I love fashion week purely for the street style factor. I love seeing all the street stars co-ordinate and look smashing while making there way to the catwalks or purely just to get photographed for their ensemble. 

A senior editor at WGSN shared with StyleCaster on how to spot or become a street style star -

Be a little different and step away from a designer or buzz.

Is self-expression key to what makes someone a true street style star?
It comes down to self-expression. Wear what expresses who you are. Of course they’re being influenced by other things, but my [favorite street style stars] really know who they are. Everything they wear is beautifully tailored in that regard. Everything they do seems very unified, all very tied together. They kind of roll with it.
And what about those people who don’t stand out as much?
The ones who don’t do as well are more focused on following trends here, there, and everywhere. They’re looking at other people.
Any other tips for people wanting to ramp up their approach to street style?
Be more experimental. That’s what works so well in these places—you’ve got to create a sense of inspiration basically. There’s also inspiration to be found in something incredibly wacky and over the top.

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