Monday, September 16, 2013


Do you ever go a day without makeup? Here a few suggestions to help you look great without wearing makeup.

1. Get moving early Morning exercise wakes your organs, your bones and your muscles after slumber. Gets the blood pumping giving you a healthy, rosy, awake looking glow.

2. Wear a colour that suits you. Choose a colour that will flatter your skin tone and give you a healthy flush.
If you’re cool-toned: Choose jewel tones: shades of blue, pinks, purples, blue-greens, magentas, blue-based reds, or pure whites. 
If you’re warm-toned: Choose earth tones:  yellows, oranges, browns, chartreuses, army and deep greens, orange-based reds, or ivory.

3. Use ice cold water. Or spoons. Splashing your face with ice cold water as you get up shocks your brain and opens your eyes. If you can try finishing your shower with to the coldest for a quick 10 seconds before getting out. A cold burst will also give your hair an extra shine. Place two spoons in the freezer overnight and lay them over your eyes in the morning to help cool and de-puff.

4. Grab earrings. Statement earrings with soft coloured stones or gems like mint, emerald, turquoise, amethyst can reflect beautifully onto your skin and eyes, giving you a more awake visage. They can also take the attention away from your tired eyes.

5. Drink as much water as you can during the day. Try keeping a large water bottle at your desk refilling throughout the day. Water hydrates hydrates our organs and brain which in turn you will feel and look more awake.

6. Put your electronic devices down at night. Those who spend hours using a backlit device with LED display, can have a decrease in melatonin (induces sleep) levels and you will have a harder time getting to sleep.

7. Practice the 20/20 rule all day. Take 20 seconds to look away from your screen every 20 minutes.

8. Eat or smell a grapefruit, orange or a lemon. Citrus fruits pick you up, increase energy and alertness. If you are not a fan of citrus fruits then just try smelling to shake up your senses. - adapted from stylecaster - Beyonce

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